LIFE – One Post at a Time


This book is a collection of posts from people who shared their thoughts, voiced opinions and narrated experiences through a new powerful tool of communications called social media, more specifically, Facebook.

A lot of times, when people click”Post”, they are unaware of the real substance of the words they are sharing. Words are so powerful they can stimulate the mind, evoke emotions, induce smiles, and even reduce stress.

It is for that very reason that this book came into being. Because day after day, we come across posts that are so special, they just have to be shared to you, and to everyone else, not just for the posters’ social media friends.

So go ahead, read through posts that have been carefully selected for your amusement, enlightenment and entertainment.

Praise for the book

This book is like a banquet of many servings. Some light, some funny, some simple, some deep.
Bo Sanchez, best selling author

Congratulations!!! You have a best seller at hand. I love it!!! My latest book is somehow similar to what you did. Most of what I wrote were posted on Facebook first. One post at a time. I like that title of yours. I did not enjoy reading books when I was young. I often struggled trying to make sense out of one sentence I would write. Although I became a book author, my secret was that most if not all of what I wrote in my latest book “Lessons I Never Learned in School” started as messages I posted in Facebook way back in 2008 when Facebook would just allow 240 characters or less per post. I had to say everything in 240 characters until after a few years, Facebook changed its policy and allowed unlimited characters per post.  From 2008 up to 2014, I compiled most of what I posted and had it edited into a book. I congratulate Vera Joy Ban-eg and Ritchelle Solang for doing the same in their book “Life: One Post at a Time.”  Who said reading posts in Facebook is a waste of time?

Tato Malay, author

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