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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad, is the revolutionary top Personal Finance book of all time. It is about Robert Kiyosaki’s journey to financial independence, and he defines the concept of “good debt” (debt that puts money in your pocket) and “bad debt” ( the more common type of debt which takes away money from your pocket). He also redefines “asset” (again, what you buy that puts money in your pocket), and liability(what takes money away from your pocket).

Rich Dad Poor Dad tells the story of his two “Dads” — his real, biological father who earned a lot but had a poor person’s mindset, and his best friend’s father who started poor but had a rich man’s mindset

His two “Dads” shaped his thoughts about money and investing. Kiyosaki said you need to earn a high income to be rich. You simply have to switch from “Work Hard for Money” to “Make Money Work for You

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How to EARN While on Vacation

How to EARN While On Vacation
Passive Income and three powerful words

How to EARN While on Vacation

by Sha Nacina
Foreword by Bo Sanchez

Introduction by Sha Nacino

How would you like to continue earning while you’re dining in Paris or while playing with the pigeons in Milan, or to have another source of income without getting a second job or rendering overtime?

When I came back from my European pilgrimage, I read an email that made me say, “Wow! This is what I’d call ‘passive income’!” That email also gave me an idea; I realized more people need to know about passive income and how it is earned. So, I thought, why not write an e-book and give it for free?

This book is about how to earn passive income. If this is the first time you’ve heard of the term “passive income,” don’t worry. After reading this e-book, you will understand this concept by heart and realize that earning passive income is achievable.

This e-book will show you simple, doable, and effective means to earn passive income. So simple you would say, “Why didn’t I think of this before?!”


Foreword: I Love Vacations

Chapter 1. What is passive income?
Chapter 2. How to earn passive income?
Chapter 3. Keyword #1 – Stocks
Chapter 4. Keyword #2 – Internet
Chapter 5. Keyword #3 – Talents
Bonus Chapter: How to Achieve Your Dreams and Help a Lot of People


Download you copy by signing up at Seminar Philippines

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My Maid Invests In The Stock Market… And Why You Should Too.

My Maid Invests In The Stock Market... And Why You Should Too.
My Maid Invests In The Stock Market… And Why You Should Too. including 4-Rules of How to Makr Millions in the Stock Market

My Maid Invests In The Stock Market… And Why You Should Too. is perhaps one of the most famous books of Bro. Bo Sanchez

He says:

This little book has been long overdue.
I’ve been planning to write this for the longest time.
But I felt it wasn’t the right time.

Because I was still in the process of teaching my 3 house helpers how to invest. My theory was this: If I can teach them how to invest, I can teach anyone.

Do you know the problem with the Stock Market world?
They don’t speak English. Honest.
They speak in some strange dialect that is spoken only in the second moon of the planet Uranus.
But I’ve solved that problem. If my maids can understand me, then anyone can understand me.

Today, my helpers are investing in the Stock Market and they’re very happy.

Read this Ebook and you’ll also learn how to create your own personal Retirement Fund through the Stock Market

Table of Contents

  • Preface: Take Charge Of Your Financial Future
  • Chapter 1: Everyone Ought To Be Rich
  • Chapter 2: Follow A Simple System
  • Chapter 3: Repeat The Vision
  • Chapter 4: Own A Great Company
  • Chapter 5: How To Retire A Millionaire
  • Chapter 6: Open An Online Account
  • Epilogue: See You In The Next Stocks Update

Watch an inspiring 11-minute video by Bo Sanchez on how to transform your financial life and request an email link with this free eBook

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Usapang Pera – Mga Dapat Alamin

Usapang Pera - Mga Dapat Alamin
Usapang Pera: Mga Dapat Alamin is a guidebook that provides easy-to-understand guidance and aims to shed light on the intricacies of banking and financial transactions

Usapang Pera, Mga Dapat Alamin, A PDIC GUIDEBOOK ON BASIC BANKING and FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS, serves as a practical guide for all Filipinos, from overseas Filipino workers, retirees, and senior citizens, to those in academe, and socio-civic and religious organizations.

The basic principles of money, saving, banking investments, and deposit
insurance are discussed in order to guide the Filipino in making well-informed
and effective financial decisions.

The Guidebook is a collaboration of PDIC and Efren Ll. Cruz, a well-known advocate of financial literacy.

A Brief History of Deposit Insurance in the Philippines

  • CHAPTER 1: Money is Important
  • CHAPTER 2: Why and How to Save
  • CHAPTER 3: Depositing Your Money
  • CHAPTER 4: More than Just Interest Rates
  • CHAPTER 5: Member: PDIC
  • CHAPTER 6: Other Places to Put Your Money
  • CHAPTER 7: The Power of Information
  • Glossary
  • Annexes

Download your copy from the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation



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Roselle P. Reig

Roselle P. Reig

Roselle P Reig, author of 30 books and journals including the 6-book Series of Money Management books

  • Magtitipid na Talaga Ako… Promise!
  • Gusto Kong Magnegosyo… Pero Paano?
  • Gusto Kong Magkaroon ng Passive Income… Pero Paano?
  • Gusto Kong Makabayad ng Utang… Pero Paano?

Roselle is one of the leading experts in the training and workshop industry.  She is the CEO and President of GlobalKnowledge PH, Inc, a leading IT and business training center in the Philippines.  Through her books, she aims to uplift the lives of Filipinos here and abroad.